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Deck Repairs and Deck Refinishing New York and New Jersey.

Does Your Wood or Composite Deck Need Some Repairs?
We repair rotten or damaged wood decks throughout New York and New Jersey.

Wood decks are a staple of backyards throughout New York and New Jersey – but they don’t last forever. If your wood deck is 10-15 years old or older, it’s probably looking pretty tired by now.

After years of hosting BBQs, kids and pets running around, and the effects of weather, your deck will begin to look old, weathered, and faded. It’s not uncommon for unmaintained decks to need major repairs in as soon as 5-8 years if they aren’t well cared for.

Many homeowners consider ripping their old deck down and rebuilding it from scratch, but that’s usually the most expensive way to address the issue. There are others ways to restore your deck back to its original beauty.

Refinishing / Resurfacing

Provided your deck frame and structure is still in good condition, the whole thing can be resurfaced with a new, fresh decking material and then stained or painted (if wood) or left alone and washed a couple times a year if it’s composite. Your deck can look like new without having to replace it!

Repairing Rotted / Damaged Wood

Old, weather wood decking is not only unsightly, it can be dangerous as well. With the help of The Men With Tools, we can help repair and/or replace that rotted and damaged wood, making your deck look great again and improving safety for your family.

Improved Quality Of Life

There are few places in your home you enjoy more than your deck. It’s where you relax, where you entertain guests, and where you build memories. That’s why you want your deck to be in the best shape it can be. Because it has a big impact on your quality of life!

Added Durability

If you’re having your deck resurfaced with new decking material, you’ll have the luxury of choosing from an array of sleek modern materials that not only look good, but that are more resistant to weathering and pests than decks of the past. That means your new deck will be built to last!

The Men With Tools Home Remodeling is a full service home remodeling contractor serving New York and New Jersey. We specialize in the repairs, restoration and resurfacing of worn out wood or composite decking materials. From replacing a few rotten deck boards to resurfacing the entire deck with a new decking material, our professional decking team will be able to help.

Deck Repair and Restoration Services New York and New Jersey

  • Deck Repairs
  • Deck Board Replacement
  • Rotten Wood Deck Repairs
  • Deck Refinishing
  • Deck Resurfacing
  • Deck Restoration
  • Deck Staining

Don’t even consider ripping down and rebuilding your old deck until you’ve given The Men With Tools Home Remodeling team a call to see if a deck repair or deck refinish might be a better, more affordable solution.

Why Choose The Men With Tools To Repair or Resurface Your Deck?

The Men With Tools Home Remodeling

The Men With Tools Home Remodeling has plenty of experience repairing and redecking the old worn out decks we see attached to New York and New Jersey homes. When you hire The Men With Tools to repair or replace your decking material, you are partnering with the best craftsmen in the region.

If you’d like to schedule an estimate to have your deck repaired or new decking materials installed at your New York or New Jersey home, please give us a call or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.