Cork Floor Refinishing

Cork Floor Refinishing New York and New Jersey.Cork flooring has become very popular for some residential applications over the last few years because of it's tendency to be a forgiving flooring material.  It can resist scratches and abrasion much better than other flooring materials because of corks natural tendency to "give".  However, depending on how much traffic your cork floor sees the finish can still become dull and faded and will eventually begin to show scratches or other imperfections in the floor.

One of the most common questions we are asked about Cork Flooring is if we can actually refinish it... The answer is Yes! The Men With Tools is a full service floor refinishing contractor specializing in all types of wood flooring including cork.  Refinishing your cork floor will be much less expensive than a full replacement and will extend the useful life of your floor for many years.

One thing we need to determine about your cork floor is whether it's cork veneer flooring or actually solid cork.  We cannot refinish cork veneer flooring.  Another item you'll need a professional to determine (unless you know for sure) is how the cork flooring has been finished previously.  If your cork flooring is oiled with a stain and not a polyurethane based finish than it likely cannot be sanded and must have the same type of oil finish re-applied.

Cork Floor Refinishing Service in New York | Residential

  • We Refinish Cork Wood Floors
  • Several Color Choices Available
  • Dustless Sanding Equipment
  • UV Cured Coatings Available (one day service)

If your cork floor qualifies for our one-day refinishing service we can actually refinish your entire cork floor in just one day.  It won't be just refinished in one day, it's also ready to use that day!  If you have an important event coming up and you'd like to have beautiful cork floors give The Men With Tools a call today.