Commercial Wood Flooring: Design Tips

commercial-hardwood-flooringThe overall look of your commercial space can have a huge impact on the consumer experience. While flooring is only part of the design, it can still make or break the appearance of your business. Color, texture and pattern play a huge role in creating an aesthetically pleasing environment and are all affected by the overall size and shape of the room. Below you will find a few things to keep in mind when planning the interior design for your location. Remember, you only get ONE first impression.

Plank Size: Determining which plank width is best for your space is done by considering a few factors. One of which is the size of the space you have. Thinner planks in a large space can seem overly busy while wider planks in a small space can give off the effect of “shrinking” the room. Another factor is the particular look you were hoping to achieve. 2-¼” and 3-¼” are more traditional sizes whereas 4”, 5”, and wider are considered more of a modern look. Another option that is becoming very popular as well is varied or mixed width planks adding a very unique look to you commercial space.

Color: Aside from the actual decor you’re planning on having in the space, there are a few other things to keep in mind when selecting a color. The amount and type of light in the room will affect the overall look of a color and how it affects the space it is in. The size of the room will also affect how the color and space will be perceived by your customers. For example, dark hardwood flooring in a small space with little light can make the space seem a lot smaller. Another thing to keep in mind is the current styles in flooring and design. These trends tend to change over the years and choosing a product that can be resanded and stained can help you keep up with the times.

Species: Choosing the right species of hardwood for your commercial space is very important, not only in a design sense but the longevity of your investment. From a design standpoint, different species display different types of graining. Some of these patterns can be very busy and wouldn’t work in a small space, while some tend to be very plain and might look too bland or sterile in a large open space. The hardness of the hardwood flooring also varies based on which species it is. Some are very hard and perfect for high traffic areas while others are soft and can be easily damaged by dropped objects, heavy furniture, or high heeled shoes. Choosing the right species will not only aid in your design but will ensure you have beautiful floors for years to come.

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