Commercial Hardwood Floor Refinishing In One Day

Commercial Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Don't close for business. We can refinish your hardwood floors in one day or night

The Men With Tools offers a wide range of services to our commercial and retail clients. From new construction and renovations to regular maintenance, we are able to utilize our expert tradesmen and cutting edge techniques to keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful without the time loss typically experienced in completing such a project. At The Men With Tools, we understand that downtime is detrimental to any business and that's why we'll put as many of our skilled employees to work on your commercial hardwood flooring as it takes.

Our experienced craftsmen establish and maintain a safe, clean jobsite while remaining in constant contact with our helpful and responsive office staff. This relationship is key to the timely and cost effective completion of a job while providing peace of mind and a smooth experience to our clients.

When handling retail and commercial wood floor refinishing, The Men With Tool's goal is to eliminate the downtime and mess involved so you can get right back to business. Expert craftsmen wielding the latest in refinishing techniques and equipment approach each job with the utmost care and attention to detail. Imagine breathing new life into your tired old floors overnight, without disturbing your daily routine or potential earnings.

The Men With Tools makes it possible! We provide many different options to help refinish your hardwood floors and help keep them looking new.

One of the major factors contributing to downtime during the refinishing process is the time it takes for the finish to cure. Traditional methods of refinishing utilize air drying finishes that can take up to one week to fully cure and harden enough for commercial traffic. An oil based finish takes 7-10 days to cure which would entail closing your doors for a week. At The Men With Tools, we make use of our instant cure finish that offers no downtime and gets you back to focusing on making money.

By using our one day Coat and Cure refinishing system you'll have the benefit of using a finish that is two time harder and more durable than traditional oil based finishes and water based finishes, meaning it can withstand more abuse for a longer period. By using the latest advancements in refinishing technology The Men With Tools can apply and instantly cure this finish, allowing you to move back into the space and start working immediately. This is accomplished using onsite instant curing UV finishes and high powered UV lighting to create an extremely durable surface without the days of downtime, making it a perfect option for retail and commercial spaces operating 7 days a week.

One of the other concerns involved when deciding to refinish the floors in your commercial or retail space is the mess. Hardwood floors need to be sanded in order to be refinished which typically creates a lot of dust. We combat this issue using containment methods and by offering dust free sanding. The dust free sanding process involves using specially designed equipment to vacuum up the dust as it’s being created, rather than letting it float freely and settle on walls and ceilings. Eliminating a majority of the dust, this process reduces clean up and allows you to get back to your everyday routine more quickly.

We also offer screen and coat maintenance packages to help keep your floors looking new for a long time to come. This process involves abrading the surface of the existing finish to remove surface scratches and imperfections without fully sanding the wood. By addressing the wear and tear caused by heavy traffic early and often you can keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful without the cost and time it takes to fully sand and refinish them.

The Men With Tool's understands that time lost is money lost and we work very hard to ensure that your project is completed on schedule and within budget. Whether you have all the time in the world or can’t afford to close your doors for a single second, The Men With Tools has retail and commercial wood floor refinishing solutions for jobs of almost every size and time constraint.