Commercial Bamboo Floor Refinishing New York

Commercial Bamboo Floor RefinishingDo you have a Bamboo hardwood floor in your commercial building or business location?  While an excellent flooring choice for it’s durability and unique appearance Bamboo still is susceptible to wear on the surface layer from the increased exposure of a commercial setting.  If you own a busy cafe for example you’re not just dealing with foot traffic, but also dropped items and chairs being scraped across the floor, this type of treatment day in and day out quickly takes it toll on the most hardy of floors.

Because of the increased wear commercial flooring experiences most commercial property owners want to maximize the value and enhance the lifespan of their investment in a beautiful looking floor.  This is where Bamboo really shines because it’s sandable and can be refinished many times depending on it’s thickness.

The Men With Tools Home Remodeling is a full service floor refinishing contractor based out of New York City and serving the Staten Island and the entire New Jersey area.  We specialize in refinishing bamboo flooring with our very unique One Day refinish process for commercial building and property owners.

Bamboo Floor Refinishing Done In Just One Day

clockWe’ve been refinishing flooring for several years and if there is one thing we know from our commercial customers is that they put off doing these types of projects because of the downtime involved with their business.  The Men With Tools Home Remodeling has addressed the problem with our one day refinishing process.

Thanks to our unique floor refinishing system and use of high-tech UV cured coatings it doesn’t matter if you have 1000 or 10,000+ square feet of Bamboo flooring in your building we can still refinish it all in one day.

leaf1Odorless and Fume Free

Traditional Bamboo wood floor refinishing involves the use of water or oil based stains that bring with them harmful fumes that can linger in your commercial space for days.  For some businesses this could mean being shut down for 2 or 3 days while your wood floor cures.  With our One Day sand, coat and cure process you’ll have beautiful looking Bamboo hardwood floors without any harmful fumes or noxious chemical smells and they’ll be ready to walk on the same day.

Dust Free With Dustless Sanding

checkmarkRefinishing a Bamboo floor involves some sanding to remove any of the imperfections in wear layer of the flooring.  The Men With Tools Home Remodeling utilizes dustless sanding equipment to eliminate up to 95% of the dust created from the sanding process.  It can be safely disposed of without covering every corner of your space.  The remaining bit of dust can be easily swept or vacuumed up by one of our very efficient refinishing crews.

Bamboo Wood Floor Refinishing

  • Restore Appearance of Bamboo Flooring
  • Commercial Bamboo Flooring Refinishing
  • Refinishing Bamboo Flooring in Restaurants
  • Refinishing Bamboo Flooring in Lobbies
  • Refinishing Bamboo Flooring in Historic Buildings
  • Refinishing Bamboo Flooring in Offices

Let’s Schedule The Day To Refinish Your Bamboo Floors

VanRear-TMWTThe Men With Tools Home Remodeling recognizes that our commercial clients have specific requirements and strict windows of time to complete these types of projects so whenever applicable or whenever it can best the suit the customer we can arrange for your floors to be refinished at any time of the day or night.

If you’d like to receive an estimate to refinish your bamboo wood flooring in your commercial setting then please give us a call or fill out a form today.