Carpet Removal Services Staten Island

Carpet Removal Staten Island

Whats lurking underneath that old dirty carpet?

Believe it or not back in the 70’s and 80’s most homeowners chose to cover their hardwood floors with carpet for a variety of reasons. Most of us remember that dirty old shag carpet, having to vacuum it daily because it trapped dust and dirt like a magnet. Looking back it’s amazing that carpeting ever became so popular.

Carpet and the airborne dust and allergens it collects can help contribute to complications that may arise in people who have breathing issues such as asthma or a chronic lung disease.  The allergens become trapped in the carpet and get released every time somebody walks across it, or worse when they vacuum.

Welcome to today. Hardwood floors have never been more popular.

Home and business owners are removing carpet in masses and in many cases we've even found a hardwood floor that has been preserved in good condition. The bad news is, removing carpet, tack strip, existing padding and staples is labor intensive, messy and is a job better left to a team of pros who can do the job quickly without any fuss.

Carpet Removal Services

  • Residential Carpet Removal
  • Townhome Carpet Removal
  • Apartment Building Carpet Removal
  • Hotel Carpet Removal
  • Office Carpet Removal

We remove old dirty carpets and haul them away in Staten Island New York

The Men With Tools Home Remodeling specializes in carpet removal projects.  No matter how big or how small of an area you need to remove carpet from we'll can complete most carpet removal projects in just one day.

If you'd like to have your old, dirty carpet removed and disposed of properly then give The Men With Tools Home Remodeling a call today or fill out our email form for more information.

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