Bay Window Installation in Staten Island

20151214_165209This customer purchased a brand new Pella 850 series bay window complete with finish painted interior moldings

The first through third pictures in the gallery below shows the customers original wood bow window being removed in a brick masonry opening. The existing unit was water damaged and leaked water and air. Replacement was long overdue.

After ripping out the existing bow window we applied flashing, secured the new bay window into the opening with the proper fasteners and cables. These cables help hold the weight of a large bay or bow window, which tends to be front heavy. If this step is skipped or done incorrectly the front of the window will sag over time, causing problems with the opening and closing of the sashes.

After we set the window, we finished the exterior with wood trim, aluminum capping, applied OSI silicone and closed in the top of the window to the existing soffit. The enclosure above the new bay window was stuffed with rolled insulation to prevent air infiltration, making this new window a truly warm and energy efficient installation.

The interior was finished with Pella’s pre-painted interior casing kit. The new moldings were purposely ordered 1″ wider than the existing moldings to cover the existing paint lines, making painting of the surrounding wall unnecessary.

The result is a brand new Pella Bay Window that is properly flashed, insulated and functioning that the customer will enjoy for many years to come with absolutely no maintenance.

The customer was amazed with the results!

We used several different products to complete this job. Here is a list of the materials.

Products We Used:

  • Custom Pella 850 series Bay Window
  • Custom 4-1/2″ interior casings
  • 5/4″ x 8″ x 8′ pine
  • White aluminum capping
  • Spray foam insulation
  • Rolled insulation
  • High quality white OSI silicone

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Here’s What Our Customer Had To Say

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